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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence – threat or possibility for a green society?

When? 31 March 2017, 14h30
Where? Room 4B, Arena and Convention Centre Liverpool (ACC), Kings Dock, Liverpool L3 4FP, United Kingdom

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The impact of robotics in our society has long been debated as something belonging to science fiction. However, the latest development of both robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) has made several well-known scientists, among others Stephen Hawking, go out in the public and encourage a debate on how society will coop with these new developments. This poses the question; how we as a green global movement view these developments? How do we draw the benefits of robotics such as less working hours or creations of a general basic income, possibly through tax based on production made by robots, and how do we as politicians create innovation friendly regulation and policies that prevents vast unemployment.

The Green MEPs Jan Philipp Albrecht and Max Andersson will present a green policy paper on robotics where they outline some of the important issues which we as a green movement could both gain from the development of robotics and AI, but also the pitfalls which may come with them.
Check out theGreen Position on Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (PDF) here.

Per Johansson – PhD, Human Ecology; BA, History of Science. Formerly senior lecturer and researcher at Lund university.
Sabine Hauert is Lecturer at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and University of Bristol where she designs swarms of nanobots for biomedical applications.
Max Andersson – MEP
Jan Philipp Albrecht – MEP
Annika Hirvonenen – MP in the Swedish Parliament (moderator) TBC