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SPEAKERS: Merging of man and machines: questions of ethics in dealing with emerging technology

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Enno Park
Enno Park is the Chairman of Cyborgs e.V.. He studied economics and computer science. He writes for the „Electric Reporter“ and other media. In his texts, he deals with the impact of the digital transformation of society through the merging of man and machines. He wears cochlear implants and describes himself as a cyborg. He is one of the founder of the berlin based cyborg e.V.).

Dana Lewis
Dana Lewis has been a passionate advocate for the idea of patient participation and collaboration in healthcare for more than a decade. After first building her own do-it-yourself “artificial pancreas”, she founded the #OpenAPS open source movement and leads the community to make safe and effective artificial pancreas technology available (sooner) for people with diabetes around the world. She is also spearheading the #WeAreNotWaiting movement and collaborating with people across various patient communities around the world to encourage making to solve healthcare problems in new and innovative ways. She is collaborating with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other government agencies to develop and implement new review processes to meet the growth of maker and other rapidly-innovating patient-driven research projects, and thereby demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new ideas and approaches far faster than can be done using traditional development and approval processes. She is also the Director, MDigitalLife for W20 Group, working at the intersection of all things health and digital, to help organizations understand, engage and activate the online health ecosystem. Dana is well known in the health care social media space, first and foremost from founding and leading the global #hcsm Twitter chat community since 2009. Before joining W2O Group, she spent years in a digital leadership role supporting a nonprofit health system and other health organizations in connecting patients with health information and services online.

Yvonne Hofstetter
Yvonne Hofstetter, 1966, lawyer and essayist, started her IT career in 1999, today serving as Managing Director to Teramark Technologies GmbH, a global leader in Machine Learning technologies. Since 1996, her core team develops Artificial Intelligence, analyzing mass data from non-commensurable data sources and teaching machines to create optimal control strategies for a diversity of industry verticals. Hofstetter presents her thoughts about Big Data and the advent of intelligent autonomous control algorithms in renowned media, such as F.A.Z. and DIE ZEIT. Her book “Sie wissen alles” was published by C. Bertelsmann. Her latest publication, “The end of democracy” will be published on September 26th, 2016 and is dedicated to the European Parliament. Yvonne Hofstetter is located in both Wider Munich Area and Vienna.

Oliver Bendel
Oliver Bendel was born in 1968 in Ulm (Germany). After completing his degree in philosophy and German philology (M.A.) as well as in information science (Dipl.-Inf.-Wiss.) at the University of Constance, and after his first professional experiences he did his doctorate in information systems at the University of St. Gallen (Dr. oec.), with focus on intelligent agents. Today he lives in Switzerland working as a freelance writer and as professor at the School of Business (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland). His research topics are knowledge management, information ethics and machine ethics. More information via oliverbendel.net, informationsethik.net and maschinenethik.net.

Constanze Kurz
Constanze Kurz is a privacy advocate and spokeswoman for Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC). She is a publicist, freelance writer on technical topics and author of books about informatics and data protection. Constanze works at Berlin-based netzpolitik.org. She holds a doctoral degree in computer science. Her research looks at ethics in tech and questions of data protection and security. She writes the column “Aus dem Maschinenraum” (From the Computer Room) for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Dr Hielke Hijmans
Dr Hielke Hijmans is Special Advisor at the Offices of the European Data Protection Supervisor. Specific subject matters are: Governance of data protection, Advisory group on digital ethics (e.g. as chair of Preselection Committee), relationship with EU institutions and with national data protection authorities. Until June 2014, he was Head of Unit Policy & Consultations.Before joining the EDPS in 2004, he held the posts of Member of Cabinet/Legal Secretary at the Cabinet of Advocate-General Geelhoed at the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg and of Counsellor at the Directorate of Legislation of the Ministry of Justice in The Hague. He holds a double doctorate in law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels andUniversity of Amsterdam.

Juha Heikkilä
Juha Heikkilä joined the European Commission in 1998 and currently works in its Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG Connect). For more than 11 years, he has been working in the unit now called Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, first as a Project Officer, since 2008 as the Deputy Head of Unit, and since May 2014 as the Head of Unit. The unit has been funding a multidisciplinary research programme on Cognitive Systems and Robotics for about 12 years, focusing on smarter and more flexible robots and artificial systems. In recent years, the annual budget has been between €70 million and €80 million. At the beginning of the current EU seven-year funding programme, Horizon 2020, the unit set up a Public-Private Partnership in Robotics, which brings together all the key stakeholders in the area. In this partnership the unit will invest up to €700 million via Horizon 2020 in roadmap-based research and innovation in robotics over a seven-year period. Previously, Dr Heikkilä was involved in computational and corpus linguistic research at the University of Helsinki, and he did a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge.

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