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Attacks in Bruxelles: Stopping deficits of security cooperation instead of reflexively making demands

PRESS RELEASE – Bruxelles, 23rd March 2016

After yesterday´s attacks in Bruxelles Vice-Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Jan Philipp Albrecht states:

„The tragic attacks in Bruxelles show that we urgently need stronger police and security cooperation. Again, the suspects were known by the police and obviously they were in contact to the recently imprisoned Abdeslam, suspect of the Paris attacks. Reflexively demanding for measures of mass surveillance does not prevent such attacks, those measures even block the view on the true deficits of security cooperation. 
We need substantially more money and staff for across borders Joint Investigation Teams of Europol and Eurojust to get hold of the network of coordinated assassins. Furthermore, governments of Member States have to get willing to commit to common rules for the exchange of information and for handling with data of suspects and accused persons. The Ministers of Home Affairs have to send a clear signal to end voluntariness on EU level.“ 

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